Android Wireless Configuration

Make sure you have all the latest updates installed on your device. Due to the nature of the Android OS your device might not look exactly like the images below, but the settings should be relatively the same.

Step 1

On your Android device, go to your Settings, then WiFi.

Step 2

Make sure your WiFi is on, then select Trailblazers wireless.

Step 3

If applicable on your device, make sure that

  • Trailblazers is typed into the Network SSID field
  • The Security field is set to 802.1x EAP
  • The EAP method field is set to PEAP
  • The Phase 2 authentication field is set to MSCHAPV2

Leave the CA certificate and User certificate fields as Unspecified

Step 4

Enter your Dmail username and password and click connect. Leave the anonymous identity field empty.

Step 5

After a moment you will be connected to the Trailblazers wireless network. If you are still having trouble connecting, visit the Student Help Desk on the 2nd floor of the Holland Centennial Commons.